In May 2005 Vonda received her ordination through the Community family church under the aegis of Pastor Tommy Bates of Independence KY.

Evangelist Vonda Bishop has received a God given anointing on her life to minister the gospel of Jesus Christ. The Lord has blessed her with the ability to reach out to a god forsaken world by way of speaking at and hosting revivals and women’s conferences for the past ten years.  In addition, Vonda has a special love for the youth of this world to which she also ministers to by impacting their lives for Christ through her Christian example.  She has been a frequent guest on TBN’s local “Praise the Lord” TV station.  The Lord continues to use and bless this ministry as Vonda moves forward to enlarge her ministry in a national basis.  She is available for speaking engagements and can be reached through her office.  Please see her Contacts page for further information.




One Heart At A Time

Blessed is that servant,

whom his Lord when

He cometh shall

find so doing.

Matthew 24:46