I would like to pay a special tribute to my beloved mother and friend, Gladys Jones, without whose love, support and prayers this ministry would not have been possible.


Her enduring faithfulness and the service that she gave to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ knew no bounds.  Throughout even the most difficult times in her life she held strong to her faith in Jesus.


In 1992 she lost her battle against breast cancer but gained her much - deserved crown in Heaven.


Her heritage lives on now through the mantle she passed down to me.  I am truly honored and blessed to be counted worthy of carrying her torch.  I am comforted by the thought of her in Heaven, watching over me, guiding me, and awaiting the day when we shall be reunited in the Lord.


I love you and miss you every day, Mom


Your daughter, Vonda


A Special Tribute

Gladys Jones